Freshmen Fashion and Advice


September is fast approaching and school is about to start. For some of you this is the beginning of your high school adventure. Or maybe your a senior like me and can’t wait to get out of this stupid place. But don’t worry! Below I have made a list of some tips and advice to help you out on your first year!

1. For me morning routine is everything. Having a set time to get up helps makes the early hours a little bit easier.

2. Keep the make up to a minimum. We don’t want to cake it on. Maybe mascara, eyeliner, and blush? Don’t be a afraid of creativity

3. YouTube is your friend. If you don’t know anything about the beauty community you might as well be living under a rock. Learning how to find your style and put on makeup can be difficult. But there are thousands of videos online to help lead you in the right direction.

4. Be your self, and don’t care what other people think. If you feel like you want to dress a certain way be all means go ahead and be the girl who is noticed as different!

5. A simple hello or compliment like cute shoes, are all it takes to start a conversation.

6. Take classes that you want to take not that your friends are taking. You will be much happier in a place that you enjoy then one where u dread doing the work in.

7. You will find your true friend by being yourself. Yes some may leave you along the way but then your really know who is going to stick by your side in times of need.

8. Join as many activities that interest you. Play sports, be in the dram club, take art classes. Iit’s a great way to find out what you don’t like and like and make new friends.

9. Don’t feel like you have to have a boyfriend, first kiss, drink, and do crazy shit. It may seem like most of the people around you are but not everyone is. Truthfully I’m about to be a senior and so far none of these things are crossed off my list.. You have time don’t just don’t rush into it if you don’t want to.

10. Don’t gossip… It a recipe for disaster

11. All the shit movie and TV shows say about high school is not true.

12. People can be mean it’s a fact of life. just learn how to be strong and stand up for yourself.

13. Don’t be afraid of change it’s bound to happen.

14. The people you will meet are only a small part of you’r life. There is bigger and better world out there than this tiny bubble we call school.

15. Your not stuck in this place forever. It all goes by in a blur. Once senior year hits you, you will be sitting here like me wondering where the time went.

16. Enjoy it. It’s the last part of your life where you won’t have the whole weight of the world on your shoulders.

Remember if your scared about all of this don’t be! Think about all the people who have graduated and went through the same worries as you. Guess what?? They made it. So it cant be that hard. Can it?

Good luck to you all!
Love, Hannah


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