My Top 5 Favorite Magazines

By Adriana K.

The thing about magazines are you can never have too many. Myself I have around 80 magazines and still counting. You could say I have a small addiction to them. Lately my addiction has gone a little out of control. A few days back I got a few new magazines each for around $5-17. Some magazines that I purchase and not for North America but from England and Australia. Today I am going to show you my top 5 favourite magazines that I adore. Let’s jump right into it.
1. Yen
Yen is adapted in Melbourne, Australia which is approximately 14862 km away from Canada.Yen magazine has great articles that advertise lots of local Australian business and companies. Every issue there is a main new artist that is features in the magazine and there is a mini poster of their art. I am always excited for the new poster each month! Also, there are articles where they discuss music and surprisingly the bands and artists they recommend are actually good! There are great photo’s that inspire me as a photographer and are breathing taking. Also, last but not least each moth there is a new healthy and delicious recipe that makes me want to drool. All in all Yen magazine is worth the read any day!
2. Frankie
My second favourite magazine is Frankie! Frankie magazine is full of art, photography, fashion, music, crafts and design. They have great articles and images. Some of their food images make me want to eat the page and gobble it down! There is lots of home design which is very inspiring to design your own home. You see images of gorgeous petite houses and you want to create it in your own home. That’s how I feel and I hope you guys feel it as well! Lot’s of crafts and DIY’s to keep you busy on the weekends.
3. Company
My third favourite is Company Magazine which is from the UK. I enjoy Company because it is literally full of photos of street fashion and loads and loads of clothes. I read Company because it has great down-to-the-point articles that focus on one thing and are short and easy to read. Too many words is not good! Inside the magazine is a blast of colour on every page it’s just like “WOW”! Also there are articles about lifestyle, beauty, hair and so many more topics. This magazine is always keeping up with the trends which is a great bonus for me because I usually forget about them. Opps! Any fashion lovers will love this and the great part is the magazine is petite it can just about fit into anything!
4. Nylon
I can never get too tired of Nylon magazine. Every page there is something new, something more fierce, something more colourful and astonishing. With different types of style on each page and vibrant photo shoots this magazine is a must. Born and raised in the USA it’s got pop culture and fashion. They’ve got accessories that are to die for and their articles are just fab! With a new celeb on the cover every month, this magazine never fails to surprise me!
5. British Vogue
My last but not least favourite magazine is British Vogue. You cannot be into fashion without reading Vogue. Vogue is for more women rather than teenagers that is why there is a Teen Vogue but I enjoy reading Vogue and coming across words that are too complicated for my high school education dictionary. Vogue keeps up with all the trends and all the famous glamorous brands like Acne, Valentino, Marc Jacobs and Chanel. From models to make up this magazine has to it all.

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