How to: Double Buns

By Emily S.

double buns real

At the moment I believe there is a very big trend brewing in the hair world. Double buns are really becoming a big thing with tons of celebrities wearing them including Kylie Jenner, Vanessa Hudgens, Miley Cyrus and it’s all over tumblr. You know that if these celebrities are doing this and if its on tumblr it’s fashion forward. What I like about this look is its so versatile for all hair styles and types, if Miley Cyrus can wear it with her new cut then you can too. It’s really easy and only takes a few steps!

What you’ll need:
Two mini elastics (that will blend with your hair)
Bobby pins
A brush or comb

The process:
First you want to part your hair down the middle of your head.
Next put two high pony tails on the top of your head. Now this is where the creativity comes in, you can stick the pony tails really close to the top of your head or closer to the back, for a bolder look put then right near the top.

After you have placed your pony’s start twisting them till they fall over each other and makes a bun on your head. Play around with it and fix the bun until it’s to your liking.

If you have thick hair like me you can use black mini elastics to secure the buns or use bobby pins

Lastly finish with a bit of hairspray

photo 2 (2)double buns 3

What I’m wearing: H&M top, H&M velvet tights, Urban outfitters platform sneakers (I hope you enjoyed my post. Xox)



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