Thrifting Tips Number 3

By Emily S.

Guys karma is seriously real.

I really honestly believe in karma, and I think that when you go to the thrift store if you do good things then you will be rewarded with good karma which means finding really cute clothes. This is a tip I only share with my closest friends because well I don’t want people to think I’m too weird. So basically if you want good karma for the thrift store here are the things you’ve got to do.
1. If you see something on the ground or falling off the hanger pick it up and fix it. You will really help the people who work at the thrift store and hopefully bring less stress and a smile to their day when they see the racks
2. The next thing is if you find something in the wrong section then bring it to the right one
3. If you try things on always put them back on the hanger and stick them on the rack provided for unwanted clothes
4. Be friendly with the people who work there. Give them a compliment or just do something to Brighten their day!

If you can think of any thing else to give your self good karma put it in the comments! Maybe you can help me with luck at the thrift store


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