The Cycle of Fashion – 1920’s

By Emily S.

Anything you wear came from a different period in time, maybe it originated in the 1920’s or maybe the 80’s.  Whatever your favorite style of clothes is it started at sometime. I wanted to write this series of posts to teach you, our readers, a little bit about fashion history but more about how everything in fashion is a cycle.

I’m sure that whatever you’re wearing right now, at this moment, is from a significant time in history. Unless if you’re not wearing clothes, that’s from the caveman period. But anyways this first post will be just a few styles that have followed through with time that I really enjoy.

To start off lets go back in time to the 1920’s. Imagine yourself at this amazing luxurious beach club in LA or the Hampton’s, and think of what fashion you would see around you. Do you see beautiful women wearing their bathing suits with high heels on? Do you think to yourself ”Oh my gosh, where are those shoes from? I could never afford those but a girl can dream.”

That’s what I think, but how about thinking of when the style wearing stilettos at the pool really started? Well it was back in the 20’s, women wore high heeled shoes with their swimsuits to show feminism. That’s often what you see at the pool now, but women wear high heels to the pool or anywhere to still show feminism, and for confidence.

In the 20’s another big trend that started was wearing Oxford shoes. For women they usually came along with a big thick heel and men had lace up flat shoes. Now they make oxford shoes for women in so many different types, like flat versions, platform, or a thin heel.

One of my very favorite styles started in the 1920’s which is wearing over sized clothes. Coco Chanel had created the style of wearing extremely tight clothing like corsets and hobble skirts. But after World War One she created a very loose fitting dress made of jersey material. This style was made for the women on the go because it was comfortable and easy to move in. Today wearing over sized clothing is a huge trend. You could wear an over sized tee, cardigan, jumper, boyfriend jeans, beanies, the list goes on and on. I love wearing over sized clothes because it’s comfortable and so on trend. Just make sure not to go to over sized, try pairing one loose thing with something tight. Like a pair of cuffed boyfriend jeans with a tight tank top and a fitted blazer, just add some wedges and you’ll look adorable.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed. -Emily S. Xox


Women in the 1920’s wearing heels and swimwear


Womens Oxford Heels

Loose Fitted Jersey Dress created by Coco Chanel



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