Thrifting Tips number 4

By Emily S.

Bring a friend!

Thrifting tip number four is to bring a friend with you. Bringing someone along to the thrift store is going to be a lot more fun than going by yourself. Unless if you’re like me and there’s those moments where you need to be alone and thrifting is the perfect therapy.
If you bring your friend then you can split up and cover more of the thrift store at once, you can look for yourself and her in one section and she can do the same in another section. But if you’re going to do this take someone who knows you so well so they can pick out the things they know you’ll like. Hannah, Adriana, and I always love going together because we know each other so well, it’s like I have two clones.
Another reason to bring someone along is their opinion. You might need someone to tell you that the floor length red velvet dress you’re trying on makes you look like the Queen of Hearts. Or that the skinny jeans you liked that looked freaking amazing on the rack are a bit to skinny on. Just remember to be kind but still honest.
If you bring a friend along I promise you’ll have such a good time. You can go find all the crazy clothes and just laugh.
Xox Emily


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