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We are three average teenage girls, Hannah, Emily, and Adriana; with Persian background. Are dads are brothers so i guess that makes us cousins. We are born and raised in Vancouver British Columbia. We’ve always dreamed of starting a fashion related blog for a long time. As kids we would play dress up and act like we were going to extravagant parties, but now we spend most of our time together shopping in downtown Vancouver or searching for the best thrift stores around town. We each have are own unique style but we love to borrow from each other closets. Besides fashion we love music, food, magazines and beauty products.





My name is Hannah and I am your typical teenage girl. Like most people in this world, i’m determined to find my  place. A few things you might like to know are I love art and anything where I can be creative. Weekends spent thrift store shopping are the best.  I could spend all day in the in the kitchen and feel most at home by the beach. You could say I might be a complete nerd who loves books. But at heart i’m just a girl who loves to help people. This year is going to be graduation high school so you can follow my on my journey of fashion through senior year and what its like to live in Vancouver. Hope you guys stick around cause me and these two lovely ladies have some exiting stuff planed for you. Be aware because our adventures can get pretty crazy.



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Hi, i’m Emily, the reason why I wanted to start a blog, and i think that we all agree is that we love fashion. I remember ever since I was a little girl always saving up my money to buy clothes, but they weren’t clothes from the mall or department store, they were from the thrift store. At first thrifting to me was going to find the expensive brands for cheap and as a preteen that meant TNA, Lululemon, Guess, or what ever else I could get my hands on. But now its about finding the trendy pieces that I love, it doesn’t matter to me if it came from Wal-Mart or Dolce & Gabbana, if its not to pricey and I like it, ill buy it. I guess besides that all there isnt  to know about me is I’m 15 years old, Hannah is my amazing older sister and Adriana is our cousin. I live with my mom and my sister in Vancouver, BC.  and I guess you could say life is looking up for me. We just moved into a really nice house and even though my sister and I had to change schools we found a place where we belong. I hope that our blog with bring you inspiration. Kisses xox







Hi, hey, hello, teenager of the age of 15 and three quarters to be exact. I am here to tell you a little bit about myself, if you are reading this for the record the last time I did an about me paragraph was in grade 3 where I loved lollipops and rainbows. A lot of things changed since then, I moved, I matured and mostly importantly I grew up (finally). I live with my mom, dad and my dog To-To in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Yes, I am Canadian eh? Haha just kidding but seriously I live in an igloo (not true). It rains a lot in Vancouver all year around expect the summer. I am 5″9, brown curly hair, my family background is Persian and Polish. I guess that’s all you need to know about me so far. Stay classy ladies!


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