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This was a fav look

Let’s go back to the beginning of winter, I’m not lying to you when I say, ‘ I actually wasn’t cold on this day’ ya I’m wearing a mini plaid skirt but my legs could handle the winter breeze that day. I’m wearing a thrifted plaid skirt, my favourite brown boots, a cropped muscle tee and a extra large black cable knit cardigan, that belonged to my mom but I stole from her closet. (She never realized)
The reason why I loved this look so much was some random person asked me why I thought it was ok to wear a skirt on such a ‘cold’ day, with my I don’t give a fuck attitude I told them ‘because I’m trendy and fabulous’



Thrifting Tips number 4

By Emily S.

Bring a friend!

Thrifting tip number four is to bring a friend with you. Bringing someone along to the thrift store is going to be a lot more fun than going by yourself. Unless if you’re like me and there’s those moments where you need to be alone and thrifting is the perfect therapy.
If you bring your friend then you can split up and cover more of the thrift store at once, you can look for yourself and her in one section and she can do the same in another section. But if you’re going to do this take someone who knows you so well so they can pick out the things they know you’ll like. Hannah, Adriana, and I always love going together because we know each other so well, it’s like I have two clones.
Another reason to bring someone along is their opinion. You might need someone to tell you that the floor length red velvet dress you’re trying on makes you look like the Queen of Hearts. Or that the skinny jeans you liked that looked freaking amazing on the rack are a bit to skinny on. Just remember to be kind but still honest.
If you bring a friend along I promise you’ll have such a good time. You can go find all the crazy clothes and just laugh.
Xox Emily

Thrifting Tips Number 3

By Emily S.

Guys karma is seriously real.

I really honestly believe in karma, and I think that when you go to the thrift store if you do good things then you will be rewarded with good karma which means finding really cute clothes. This is a tip I only share with my closest friends because well I don’t want people to think I’m too weird. So basically if you want good karma for the thrift store here are the things you’ve got to do.
1. If you see something on the ground or falling off the hanger pick it up and fix it. You will really help the people who work at the thrift store and hopefully bring less stress and a smile to their day when they see the racks
2. The next thing is if you find something in the wrong section then bring it to the right one
3. If you try things on always put them back on the hanger and stick them on the rack provided for unwanted clothes
4. Be friendly with the people who work there. Give them a compliment or just do something to Brighten their day!

If you can think of any thing else to give your self good karma put it in the comments! Maybe you can help me with luck at the thrift store

Thrifting Tips Number 2

By: Emily S.

Thrifting tip number 2 is to try and have an open mind. You should always keep the idea in your head that you could alter an item to better fit your liking. I have done this so many times and now i have lots of pieces that I love. Here are a few ideas of things you can change to make them more you!

1. I would say the number 1 thing girls do to change things they get at thrift stores is make high waisted pants into cut off shorts, ive done this an uncountable amount of times and sometimes the shorts end up a little to short but doing this takes trial and error so just keep trying until you make the perfect shorts for you.

2. Another thing that is big in altering an item is cutting up big tees. you can make them into tank tops, crop tops or muscle tees. I always look for these kinds of shirts with cool prints like tye die or bands on them.

3. Remember that you can take any item you buy and alter the size. Bring it to a tailor or maybe ask your grandma to help you sew and fix it.

4. My favorite thing to change up is buying figurines at the thrift store, i love finding Buddhas, and painting them to match my room! At the moment i’ve been painting them black but what i live is i can always go back and change that to another colour.

What i love about thrifting is that most places do give their whole profits or some to charity’s and organizations so it make me feel good. Hopefully i have inspired you to go and buy somethings at the thrift store and change it up.

If you would like to see tutorials on any of these ideas just let me know by commenting, thanks for reading

Love, Emily



Tips for Thrifting

By Emily S


This will be a series of thrifting tips that I’ve come up with over the years, I hope you enjoy.
Number 1:
Through all of my thrifting experiences I have learnt a few things. One being always look through all of the racks because tucked away there could be really special treasures so below I have made a list of a bunch of sections people sometimes miss just so you can check out these places too.
1. Check the men’s section, there could be band tees or oversized cardigans

2. Check all the sizes because if you enjoy wearing oversized clothes and you’re following that trend, that’s where you can find the best things.

3. Check the lingerie section, within all of that mess can be really cute lace bralets. ( just make sure to really wash these)

4.Check the sock section, you could find knee high socks (also really really wash these)

5. Check out the kids section, I always find crop tops here and they’re also cheaper then the women’s clothes

6. Lastly don’t forget the belt section, they sometimes have real leather belts
( so basically check the whole store, and don’t give up if you don’t find something the first time. Just keep trying.
Please come back soon because there will be more thrifting tips coming!


Not to sound cheap, but we hate paying full price.

Why should you have to spend a lot of money on clothes when you can find less than affordable pieces at the thrift store, you can find fashionable second hand items if you know where and what to look for. Hopefully our blog can teach you some of our tricks to thrifting so that you can save yourself money and look super hot at the same time.