Bad Ass With Class

IMG_8581 IMG_8590 IMG_8576 IMG_8559

I seriously am in love with this outfit. I walked out of my room that morning and Hannah was like, ‘That’s so cute, you better let me wear that outfit someday.’ It consists of basically all of my favorite pieces from my closet at the moment, and while wearing it i feel so chic.

Top: the tank is from Tommy Hilfiger, But its a hammy down from my grandma, so i don’t know where you could get it!

Vest: I thrifted this vest for just 25 cents! i know insane

Pants: they are Adriana’s from Paris

Shoes: Call it Spring

Bag and Sunglasses: Thirfted, Bag $3.00 Glasses $2.00


Connect The Dots

IMG_8490IMG_8499IMG_8492Connect The Dots

Summer is basically over so let’s take advantage of this last few days hot weather. Maybe wearing polka dots on polka dots is a fashion risk, but I sorta love it! If you want to take a chance on this sorta trend, wear the same print on the top and bottom, and just keep the colours basic.
Top: Forever 21

Skirt: H&M

Shoes: Urban Outfitters

Thrifting Tips number 4

By Emily S.

Bring a friend!

Thrifting tip number four is to bring a friend with you. Bringing someone along to the thrift store is going to be a lot more fun than going by yourself. Unless if you’re like me and there’s those moments where you need to be alone and thrifting is the perfect therapy.
If you bring your friend then you can split up and cover more of the thrift store at once, you can look for yourself and her in one section and she can do the same in another section. But if you’re going to do this take someone who knows you so well so they can pick out the things they know you’ll like. Hannah, Adriana, and I always love going together because we know each other so well, it’s like I have two clones.
Another reason to bring someone along is their opinion. You might need someone to tell you that the floor length red velvet dress you’re trying on makes you look like the Queen of Hearts. Or that the skinny jeans you liked that looked freaking amazing on the rack are a bit to skinny on. Just remember to be kind but still honest.
If you bring a friend along I promise you’ll have such a good time. You can go find all the crazy clothes and just laugh.
Xox Emily

Learn to Love Your Closet

By Emily S.

Learn to love your closet

Can you remember back in grade 8 or even last year? Can you think back to every morning moment. When you would look into your closet, those stressful mornings where you slept in and times running way to fast. Did you ever wonder what the hell am I going to wear today. That was me everyday, even now, but I guess at the moment it’s a lot less because I love my closet.

Anyways what I’m trying to say is you’ve got to learn to love all of the clothes in your closet. All those items have potential to be so cute they just need to be paired with some things. Try to fill your closet with things you absolutely love, and things that make you feel good. I’ve started to achieve this idea of ‘never not‘ having anything to wear. I love all my clothes and I think now I’m so much better at putting an outfit together. Try to buy things you’ll always wear, don’t buy the stuff to just fill up your closet. At first the selection might be sparse but soon you’ll have so many different things to wear you’ll have outfit choices instead of the stress. A good start is to clean out you’re closet. I’m almost a hoarder and sometimes I want to keep things because I know one day they’ll come back ( because we know fashion is a cycle) but just put them away then. Fill a box with the clothes you won’t miss for awhile. Then look at your closet, write down all the things that you’re gonna need to add, those basic things every girl needs. Once you’ve got that save up some money and buy new clothes! Guys over half the things in my closet are thrifted and I really love them all, so don’t forget to check out thrift stores too.

I just also wanted to say we’re really sorry we haven’t been posting so often. School just started back up and it’s hard to make time. But this blog is so important to us so don’t worry there will be more posts soon. Xox – Emily

The Cycle of Fashion – 1920’s

By Emily S.

Anything you wear came from a different period in time, maybe it originated in the 1920’s or maybe the 80’s.  Whatever your favorite style of clothes is it started at sometime. I wanted to write this series of posts to teach you, our readers, a little bit about fashion history but more about how everything in fashion is a cycle.

I’m sure that whatever you’re wearing right now, at this moment, is from a significant time in history. Unless if you’re not wearing clothes, that’s from the caveman period. But anyways this first post will be just a few styles that have followed through with time that I really enjoy.

To start off lets go back in time to the 1920’s. Imagine yourself at this amazing luxurious beach club in LA or the Hampton’s, and think of what fashion you would see around you. Do you see beautiful women wearing their bathing suits with high heels on? Do you think to yourself ”Oh my gosh, where are those shoes from? I could never afford those but a girl can dream.”

That’s what I think, but how about thinking of when the style wearing stilettos at the pool really started? Well it was back in the 20’s, women wore high heeled shoes with their swimsuits to show feminism. That’s often what you see at the pool now, but women wear high heels to the pool or anywhere to still show feminism, and for confidence.

In the 20’s another big trend that started was wearing Oxford shoes. For women they usually came along with a big thick heel and men had lace up flat shoes. Now they make oxford shoes for women in so many different types, like flat versions, platform, or a thin heel.

One of my very favorite styles started in the 1920’s which is wearing over sized clothes. Coco Chanel had created the style of wearing extremely tight clothing like corsets and hobble skirts. But after World War One she created a very loose fitting dress made of jersey material. This style was made for the women on the go because it was comfortable and easy to move in. Today wearing over sized clothing is a huge trend. You could wear an over sized tee, cardigan, jumper, boyfriend jeans, beanies, the list goes on and on. I love wearing over sized clothes because it’s comfortable and so on trend. Just make sure not to go to over sized, try pairing one loose thing with something tight. Like a pair of cuffed boyfriend jeans with a tight tank top and a fitted blazer, just add some wedges and you’ll look adorable.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed. -Emily S. Xox


Women in the 1920’s wearing heels and swimwear


Womens Oxford Heels

Loose Fitted Jersey Dress created by Coco Chanel

Thrifting Tips Number 3

By Emily S.

Guys karma is seriously real.

I really honestly believe in karma, and I think that when you go to the thrift store if you do good things then you will be rewarded with good karma which means finding really cute clothes. This is a tip I only share with my closest friends because well I don’t want people to think I’m too weird. So basically if you want good karma for the thrift store here are the things you’ve got to do.
1. If you see something on the ground or falling off the hanger pick it up and fix it. You will really help the people who work at the thrift store and hopefully bring less stress and a smile to their day when they see the racks
2. The next thing is if you find something in the wrong section then bring it to the right one
3. If you try things on always put them back on the hanger and stick them on the rack provided for unwanted clothes
4. Be friendly with the people who work there. Give them a compliment or just do something to Brighten their day!

If you can think of any thing else to give your self good karma put it in the comments! Maybe you can help me with luck at the thrift store

Aritzia Warehouse Sale

By Adriana K

Recently, I went to the Aritzia Warehouse Sale and checked it out. Located at Canada Place, the sale was huge; racks and racks that continued forever. On certain items the prices were amazing on others it was okay maybe like $20-40 off the original $160 normal price. I am not a huge Aritzia fan but I do enjoy their style of clothing but the prices are like a bank robbery. Only sometimes do I ever walk into Aritzia. So the Warehouse sale did me some good!

The first thing I found was a very comfy, baggy long tank. It is very loose and the sides cut down so you have to wear a bando underneath! The Talula tank has a adorable cat face on it and I absolutely had to get it! It was originally $40 but I got it for $10. I also found a lovely light Carmel scarf but before I could get it another women pushed past me and grabbed it! Damn, it was a pretty scarf.

The second thing I found was a black simple bando. I have been wanting one for awhile and finally I got it! The bando was originally $30 and I got it for $4.99.

The last thing I purchased was a bra. It is black and very comfy from Wilfred. The bra is very simple with no wiring, it was originally $35 but I got it for $4.99!

In all I payed $22 which I thought was really good price. Next year I am going to come again and hopefully the sales will be great!