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My Mug Collection

By Adriana K

Yes, I collect mugs don’t judge me. I have been recently collecting them so I don’t have that many, yet. Whenever I see a mug or a tea cup that’s catches my eye, I purchase it. I think everyone one should collect something, it’s tons of fun and you have another reason to go out shopping!

My first mug is from Homesense. I got it in the early summer because I loved the quote and design on it. Later that month Hannah came over and feel in love with it and got the same one. We’re twins now. I use this mugs for my teas, which is quite often.

My second and third mug is from Homesense as well. They both have floral print on them. I really enjoy floral printed things and I thought these mugs would look so cute with tea or coffee in them. One mug has pink floral design on it and the other has multiple colored flowers.

My fourth cup is also from Homesense. As you can tell I very much like Homesense and their pretty mugs. This mug has a traditional Polish design on it and also it was made in Poland. I purchase this mug because I don’t know a lot about my Polish background but I can learn and buying a pretty mug is a good way to start!

My firth mug is from Ikea. My mother got this mug like seven years ago. My dad uses it for his coffee and recently I have too. This cup is taller than the others but it has character. On the side there is a huge coffee stain that wouldn’t come out. I like this mug for my coffee because of it’s skinny figure it deceased the amount of coffee I pour in, which is good!

With so many mugs you need to have a teapot! I got this elephant teapot from Salvation Army a month ago and I have loved it since. Emily found it at the thirft store and I adored it. That puppy was sold!

On Sunday’s,I love to cuddle into my sweater, have a good book to read and of course a warm cup of tea. You can never go wrong with tea. I hope you guys like this post about my mug collection. Cheers!


Tips for Thrifting

By Emily S


This will be a series of thrifting tips that I’ve come up with over the years, I hope you enjoy.
Number 1:
Through all of my thrifting experiences I have learnt a few things. One being always look through all of the racks because tucked away there could be really special treasures so below I have made a list of a bunch of sections people sometimes miss just so you can check out these places too.
1. Check the men’s section, there could be band tees or oversized cardigans

2. Check all the sizes because if you enjoy wearing oversized clothes and you’re following that trend, that’s where you can find the best things.

3. Check the lingerie section, within all of that mess can be really cute lace bralets. ( just make sure to really wash these)

4.Check the sock section, you could find knee high socks (also really really wash these)

5. Check out the kids section, I always find crop tops here and they’re also cheaper then the women’s clothes

6. Lastly don’t forget the belt section, they sometimes have real leather belts
( so basically check the whole store, and don’t give up if you don’t find something the first time. Just keep trying.
Please come back soon because there will be more thrifting tips coming!