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After spending forever, like always, getting ready for our day out we finally came up with these three outfits, the weather that day was chilli, and even though usually were not big coat wearers and we would rather layer and layer shirts to stay warm we chose jackets for that day because the weather here can get very chilli. On the left is Hannah, Adriana in the middle, and myself on the right.

Hannah is wearing Doc Marten black boots, cuffed H&M light wash skinny jeans, and thrifted jacket

Adriana is wearing black booties from Little Burgundy, H&M black bag, and thrifted jeans and coat

I’m wearing Call it Spring black lace up boots, Thrifted Mavi black jeans (which I cuffed and DIY ripped), H&M oversized knit sweater, and jacket (unknown)



Mini Haul

By Adriana K

So, hi guys long time no see. I am so sorry I haven’t been on for a long time. School started this month for me and I bet all of you guys as well. It’s been really busy and I haven’t had a lot of spare time on my hands but now I do! This weekend I did a little shopping and got a couple of things.

I first went into H&M and boy all their fall clothes are beautiful. My favorite thing in the world was there; sweaters. You can never go wrong with an over sized sweater. And knitted cardigans oh my oh my. There are absolutely to die for. At H&M they had plain cardigans in blue, black and grey so I purchased a black one in the size large because I like my sweaters and cardigans big. I mean very big, I could go on forever talking about over sized sweaters and cardigans but I should stop here. Anyway, I also got a caramel scarf with a geometric pattern and a fuzzy black sweater. The fuzzy black sweater instantly caught my eye because I have wanted one for so long and finally I own one! Sadly, the black fuzzy sweater is not over sized the way I like it but it was so cute I couldn’t let this sweater slip away from me again.

The fall weather has really kicked in and it’s been raining practically everyday now but that won’t bring me down! It’s sweater weather for crying out loud, I am going to have a smashing time out in the rain!

September 2013 072

Learn to Love Your Closet

By Emily S.

Learn to love your closet

Can you remember back in grade 8 or even last year? Can you think back to every morning moment. When you would look into your closet, those stressful mornings where you slept in and times running way to fast. Did you ever wonder what the hell am I going to wear today. That was me everyday, even now, but I guess at the moment it’s a lot less because I love my closet.

Anyways what I’m trying to say is you’ve got to learn to love all of the clothes in your closet. All those items have potential to be so cute they just need to be paired with some things. Try to fill your closet with things you absolutely love, and things that make you feel good. I’ve started to achieve this idea of ‘never not‘ having anything to wear. I love all my clothes and I think now I’m so much better at putting an outfit together. Try to buy things you’ll always wear, don’t buy the stuff to just fill up your closet. At first the selection might be sparse but soon you’ll have so many different things to wear you’ll have outfit choices instead of the stress. A good start is to clean out you’re closet. I’m almost a hoarder and sometimes I want to keep things because I know one day they’ll come back ( because we know fashion is a cycle) but just put them away then. Fill a box with the clothes you won’t miss for awhile. Then look at your closet, write down all the things that you’re gonna need to add, those basic things every girl needs. Once you’ve got that save up some money and buy new clothes! Guys over half the things in my closet are thrifted and I really love them all, so don’t forget to check out thrift stores too.

I just also wanted to say we’re really sorry we haven’t been posting so often. School just started back up and it’s hard to make time. But this blog is so important to us so don’t worry there will be more posts soon. Xox – Emily