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After spending forever, like always, getting ready for our day out we finally came up with these three outfits, the weather that day was chilli, and even though usually were not big coat wearers and we would rather layer and layer shirts to stay warm we chose jackets for that day because the weather here can get very chilli. On the left is Hannah, Adriana in the middle, and myself on the right.

Hannah is wearing Doc Marten black boots, cuffed H&M light wash skinny jeans, and thrifted jacket

Adriana is wearing black booties from Little Burgundy, H&M black bag, and thrifted jeans and coat

I’m wearing Call it Spring black lace up boots, Thrifted Mavi black jeans (which I cuffed and DIY ripped), H&M oversized knit sweater, and jacket (unknown)



This was a fav look

Let’s go back to the beginning of winter, I’m not lying to you when I say, ‘ I actually wasn’t cold on this day’ ya I’m wearing a mini plaid skirt but my legs could handle the winter breeze that day. I’m wearing a thrifted plaid skirt, my favourite brown boots, a cropped muscle tee and a extra large black cable knit cardigan, that belonged to my mom but I stole from her closet. (She never realized)
The reason why I loved this look so much was some random person asked me why I thought it was ok to wear a skirt on such a ‘cold’ day, with my I don’t give a fuck attitude I told them ‘because I’m trendy and fabulous’


My Mug Collection

By Adriana K

Yes, I collect mugs don’t judge me. I have been recently collecting them so I don’t have that many, yet. Whenever I see a mug or a tea cup that’s catches my eye, I purchase it. I think everyone one should collect something, it’s tons of fun and you have another reason to go out shopping!

My first mug is from Homesense. I got it in the early summer because I loved the quote and design on it. Later that month Hannah came over and feel in love with it and got the same one. We’re twins now. I use this mugs for my teas, which is quite often.

My second and third mug is from Homesense as well. They both have floral print on them. I really enjoy floral printed things and I thought these mugs would look so cute with tea or coffee in them. One mug has pink floral design on it and the other has multiple colored flowers.

My fourth cup is also from Homesense. As you can tell I very much like Homesense and their pretty mugs. This mug has a traditional Polish design on it and also it was made in Poland. I purchase this mug because I don’t know a lot about my Polish background but I can learn and buying a pretty mug is a good way to start!

My firth mug is from Ikea. My mother got this mug like seven years ago. My dad uses it for his coffee and recently I have too. This cup is taller than the others but it has character. On the side there is a huge coffee stain that wouldn’t come out. I like this mug for my coffee because of it’s skinny figure it deceased the amount of coffee I pour in, which is good!

With so many mugs you need to have a teapot! I got this elephant teapot from Salvation Army a month ago and I have loved it since. Emily found it at the thirft store and I adored it. That puppy was sold!

On Sunday’s,I love to cuddle into my sweater, have a good book to read and of course a warm cup of tea. You can never go wrong with tea. I hope you guys like this post about my mug collection. Cheers!

The Cycle of Fashion – 1920’s

By Emily S.

Anything you wear came from a different period in time, maybe it originated in the 1920’s or maybe the 80’s.  Whatever your favorite style of clothes is it started at sometime. I wanted to write this series of posts to teach you, our readers, a little bit about fashion history but more about how everything in fashion is a cycle.

I’m sure that whatever you’re wearing right now, at this moment, is from a significant time in history. Unless if you’re not wearing clothes, that’s from the caveman period. But anyways this first post will be just a few styles that have followed through with time that I really enjoy.

To start off lets go back in time to the 1920’s. Imagine yourself at this amazing luxurious beach club in LA or the Hampton’s, and think of what fashion you would see around you. Do you see beautiful women wearing their bathing suits with high heels on? Do you think to yourself ”Oh my gosh, where are those shoes from? I could never afford those but a girl can dream.”

That’s what I think, but how about thinking of when the style wearing stilettos at the pool really started? Well it was back in the 20’s, women wore high heeled shoes with their swimsuits to show feminism. That’s often what you see at the pool now, but women wear high heels to the pool or anywhere to still show feminism, and for confidence.

In the 20’s another big trend that started was wearing Oxford shoes. For women they usually came along with a big thick heel and men had lace up flat shoes. Now they make oxford shoes for women in so many different types, like flat versions, platform, or a thin heel.

One of my very favorite styles started in the 1920’s which is wearing over sized clothes. Coco Chanel had created the style of wearing extremely tight clothing like corsets and hobble skirts. But after World War One she created a very loose fitting dress made of jersey material. This style was made for the women on the go because it was comfortable and easy to move in. Today wearing over sized clothing is a huge trend. You could wear an over sized tee, cardigan, jumper, boyfriend jeans, beanies, the list goes on and on. I love wearing over sized clothes because it’s comfortable and so on trend. Just make sure not to go to over sized, try pairing one loose thing with something tight. Like a pair of cuffed boyfriend jeans with a tight tank top and a fitted blazer, just add some wedges and you’ll look adorable.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed. -Emily S. Xox


Women in the 1920’s wearing heels and swimwear


Womens Oxford Heels

Loose Fitted Jersey Dress created by Coco Chanel

Aritzia Warehouse Sale

By Adriana K

Recently, I went to the Aritzia Warehouse Sale and checked it out. Located at Canada Place, the sale was huge; racks and racks that continued forever. On certain items the prices were amazing on others it was okay maybe like $20-40 off the original $160 normal price. I am not a huge Aritzia fan but I do enjoy their style of clothing but the prices are like a bank robbery. Only sometimes do I ever walk into Aritzia. So the Warehouse sale did me some good!

The first thing I found was a very comfy, baggy long tank. It is very loose and the sides cut down so you have to wear a bando underneath! The Talula tank has a adorable cat face on it and I absolutely had to get it! It was originally $40 but I got it for $10. I also found a lovely light Carmel scarf but before I could get it another women pushed past me and grabbed it! Damn, it was a pretty scarf.

The second thing I found was a black simple bando. I have been wanting one for awhile and finally I got it! The bando was originally $30 and I got it for $4.99.

The last thing I purchased was a bra. It is black and very comfy from Wilfred. The bra is very simple with no wiring, it was originally $35 but I got it for $4.99!

In all I payed $22 which I thought was really good price. Next year I am going to come again and hopefully the sales will be great!


Freshmen Fashion and Advice


September is fast approaching and school is about to start. For some of you this is the beginning of your high school adventure. Or maybe your a senior like me and can’t wait to get out of this stupid place. But don’t worry! Below I have made a list of some tips and advice to help you out on your first year!

1. For me morning routine is everything. Having a set time to get up helps makes the early hours a little bit easier.

2. Keep the make up to a minimum. We don’t want to cake it on. Maybe mascara, eyeliner, and blush? Don’t be a afraid of creativity

3. YouTube is your friend. If you don’t know anything about the beauty community you might as well be living under a rock. Learning how to find your style and put on makeup can be difficult. But there are thousands of videos online to help lead you in the right direction.

4. Be your self, and don’t care what other people think. If you feel like you want to dress a certain way be all means go ahead and be the girl who is noticed as different!

5. A simple hello or compliment like cute shoes, are all it takes to start a conversation.

6. Take classes that you want to take not that your friends are taking. You will be much happier in a place that you enjoy then one where u dread doing the work in.

7. You will find your true friend by being yourself. Yes some may leave you along the way but then your really know who is going to stick by your side in times of need.

8. Join as many activities that interest you. Play sports, be in the dram club, take art classes. Iit’s a great way to find out what you don’t like and like and make new friends.

9. Don’t feel like you have to have a boyfriend, first kiss, drink, and do crazy shit. It may seem like most of the people around you are but not everyone is. Truthfully I’m about to be a senior and so far none of these things are crossed off my list.. You have time don’t just don’t rush into it if you don’t want to.

10. Don’t gossip… It a recipe for disaster

11. All the shit movie and TV shows say about high school is not true.

12. People can be mean it’s a fact of life. just learn how to be strong and stand up for yourself.

13. Don’t be afraid of change it’s bound to happen.

14. The people you will meet are only a small part of you’r life. There is bigger and better world out there than this tiny bubble we call school.

15. Your not stuck in this place forever. It all goes by in a blur. Once senior year hits you, you will be sitting here like me wondering where the time went.

16. Enjoy it. It’s the last part of your life where you won’t have the whole weight of the world on your shoulders.

Remember if your scared about all of this don’t be! Think about all the people who have graduated and went through the same worries as you. Guess what?? They made it. So it cant be that hard. Can it?

Good luck to you all!
Love, Hannah

My Top 5 Favorite Magazines

By Adriana K.

The thing about magazines are you can never have too many. Myself I have around 80 magazines and still counting. You could say I have a small addiction to them. Lately my addiction has gone a little out of control. A few days back I got a few new magazines each for around $5-17. Some magazines that I purchase and not for North America but from England and Australia. Today I am going to show you my top 5 favourite magazines that I adore. Let’s jump right into it.
1. Yen
Yen is adapted in Melbourne, Australia which is approximately 14862 km away from Canada.Yen magazine has great articles that advertise lots of local Australian business and companies. Every issue there is a main new artist that is features in the magazine and there is a mini poster of their art. I am always excited for the new poster each month! Also, there are articles where they discuss music and surprisingly the bands and artists they recommend are actually good! There are great photo’s that inspire me as a photographer and are breathing taking. Also, last but not least each moth there is a new healthy and delicious recipe that makes me want to drool. All in all Yen magazine is worth the read any day!
2. Frankie
My second favourite magazine is Frankie! Frankie magazine is full of art, photography, fashion, music, crafts and design. They have great articles and images. Some of their food images make me want to eat the page and gobble it down! There is lots of home design which is very inspiring to design your own home. You see images of gorgeous petite houses and you want to create it in your own home. That’s how I feel and I hope you guys feel it as well! Lot’s of crafts and DIY’s to keep you busy on the weekends.
3. Company
My third favourite is Company Magazine which is from the UK. I enjoy Company because it is literally full of photos of street fashion and loads and loads of clothes. I read Company because it has great down-to-the-point articles that focus on one thing and are short and easy to read. Too many words is not good! Inside the magazine is a blast of colour on every page it’s just like “WOW”! Also there are articles about lifestyle, beauty, hair and so many more topics. This magazine is always keeping up with the trends which is a great bonus for me because I usually forget about them. Opps! Any fashion lovers will love this and the great part is the magazine is petite it can just about fit into anything!
4. Nylon
I can never get too tired of Nylon magazine. Every page there is something new, something more fierce, something more colourful and astonishing. With different types of style on each page and vibrant photo shoots this magazine is a must. Born and raised in the USA it’s got pop culture and fashion. They’ve got accessories that are to die for and their articles are just fab! With a new celeb on the cover every month, this magazine never fails to surprise me!
5. British Vogue
My last but not least favourite magazine is British Vogue. You cannot be into fashion without reading Vogue. Vogue is for more women rather than teenagers that is why there is a Teen Vogue but I enjoy reading Vogue and coming across words that are too complicated for my high school education dictionary. Vogue keeps up with all the trends and all the famous glamorous brands like Acne, Valentino, Marc Jacobs and Chanel. From models to make up this magazine has to it all.